What We Stand For

Who We Are

We are volunteers. We are a diverse, non-partisan group dedicated to demonstrating the breadth and depth of support for science in the St. Louis region, and inspiring political leaders to enact policies based on the best scientific evidence. Everyone is welcome!

What We Stand For:

We’re all in this together.Science is a very human process, enabling us to draw informed conclusions based on observable, measurable, and repeatable evidence. Science is an essential part of a working democracy. From academic research to applied technology to the making of public policy, science undergirds our economy, improves our lives, and protects our planet.It empowers us to think for ourselves, and feeds our wonder with visions of worlds beyond our current understanding.

Science is a vital contributor to our local economy. St. Louis scientific institutions, both public and private, are at the forefront of research and innovation in medicine, agricultural sciences, technology, and engineering. From Fortune 500 global companies to entrepreneurial start-ups, the scientific endeavor powers our economy and helps make St. Louis a vibrant place to live.

Good public policy is based on science. Scientific conclusions are based on evidence rather than opinion. As such, science provides a reliable basis for government policies intended to protect our health and natural resources. Our government’s responsibility is to ensure that we have clean air and drinking water, a healthy and abundant food supply, safe and effective medicines – and a planet upon which future generations can thrive.


The March for Science champions publicly funded and publicly communicated science as a pillar of human freedom and prosperity. We unite as a diverse, nonpartisan group to call for science that upholds the common good, and for political leaders and policymakers to enact evidence-based policies in the public interest.

We believe that science touches everythingin our lives and everyone we love. Science colors our world and influences the quality of our water, the food on our tables, the air our families breathe, and the kind of planet we leave to future generations. It affects our lives from the diseases we are vulnerable to, the medications that help us and the treatments that cure us. It makes us better friends and neighbors by guiding our approach to conflict, trauma and mental illness. It affects the industries that thrive in our nation, the jobs that are created and threatened, and the direction of our economy. It facilitates the system that currently holds our personal data and communications and thus the safety and security of who we are. And it feeds our wonder at our place in the universe with visions of worlds beyond our current understanding.

Americans have a choice whether to act in defense of that which we cherish.

And we call on each of you to choose to join us in advancing the integrity, independence and passion for science that will build a stronger democracy and a stronger America.

If you stand with us in defense of science, please help make March for Science STL happen by donating here, or by visiting our store for T-shirts designed by our very own volunteers!

If you cannot make a contribution through these avenues, contribute by showing up, marching and having your voices heard!

We need each and every one of you.

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